Lesson 1 College Now Finding Your Voice


Class Forum


Objective:  This lesson is an implicit introduction to the theme of the course.  Students will read portions of three essays – George Orwell and Joan Didion  Why I Write, and Cynthia Ozick’s On Permission to Write.  After reading these three selections, students will be asked to write responding to the question – Why I write? Their responses will be the focus of the lesson and will also emphasize the theme of the course.  The course is about students seriously and honestly considering why they write and how they approach writing and to begin the course we will generate some ideas about why they write and as the semester progresses we will revisit this question repeatedly.



1.      Administrative tasks :
            - Students will complete Delaney cards
            - Students will be given directions on how to locate the semester
            calendar online
            - Teacher will introduce the course and discuss the mission of the class
            - Outstanding College Now applications will be collected.

2.      Whole group reading:
           - Students are arranged in a circle.  Students will be given copies of the three above mentioned essays and as a class there will be a reading go around.  The teacher will decide whether the class will read once or twice ( one reading = every student has had a turn to read).  The objective of this reading is to motivate some thought for the topic – why I write – and also to reinforce the structure of this class.  The structure of the class is student centered and this exercise will emphasize to students that the success of the class will be dependent on all students participating.

3.      Independent writing:
             - Students will be asked to write without stopping for 20 minutes responding to the question – why I write?  Teacher will ask students to write non – stop even if they have to repeat the same thing and also to be as honest as possible in their response.

4.      Whole group sharing:
              - Each student will read their response in the final go-around of this lesson.  Again, this sharing emphasizes the theme of the class.  Teacher will ask students to stop writing and to take a minute to prepare for the reading of their response.

5.      Reflection:
                -  How did it feel to have to share a personal response such as the one written in class?  Ask students to respond to this question verbally.  This response will conclude class # 1.



Assignment: Describe each writer's reasons for writing based on the three articles we read.