World Literature  Fall 2007


I,_______, understand that I'm abide by all the school rules. Frequent violations of these rules and deliberate intent to destroy computers in 459 can lead to the removal from the station, suspension and failure of the class.

I do not need a computer at home to pass and do well in the class but I will need to use time in class effectively to complete the assigned class work and be prepared for the homework.

I understand that learning is my responsibility and my active participation in the process will help me succeed.

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Grading Policies

Grading Policy

Classroom Rules

1. Attendance, Lateness(15%) 1. All school rules apply to this room.
2. Class/Group Participation & notebook(30%)
  • Cooperative efforts
  • Activities in our class online discussion board
2. Follow the IAUP( Internet Acceptable Usage Policy)
3. Homework & class assignments,  projects, performances, book reports, journals etc. quizzes and tests(55%) 3. Don't write on the desk and the computer.
  4. Respect and help each other.

Academic Dishonesty

  • Plagiarism attacks the freedom and integrity of thought. In a class where you will do extensive online researches, you must know what constitutes plagiarism and avoid it.
  • Students who plagiarize will receive 0 in the subject.
  • Full acknowledgement for all information obtained from sources outside the classroom must be clearly stated in all written work submitted.
  • All ideas, arguments, and direct phrasings taken from someone else's work must be identified and properly footnoted.
  • Quotations from other sources must be clearly marked as distinct from your own work.

Grading Policies for Written Work/Artwork

  • Originality in contents and forms
  • Accuracy of the understanding of literary texts
  • Quality of work
  • Punctuality of work completion and submission