Fusion: English Literature and Computer Art

Instructors: Ms. B. Wu & Ms. S. Ashley

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Course Description

This course will explore the interdisciplinary field of literature, art and computer technology. As art and literature are two inseparable entities, computer technology is the adhesive of integrating two subjects seamlessly. Works covered in this course range from classical literature to post-modern literary works in various genres. Each work selected has its unique style and importance in the history of humanity; each work also has its unique visual effect on readers. The focus of the literature study will be on its meaning, structure and language especially its visual ,emotional and inspirational effects on a reader. Students will present their understanding of those literary aspects in accordance to the works studied using reading logs, literary analysis, original writing, visual interpretation of the text( illustration) and book cover design. Students are required to use image-editing software, i.e. Paint, Photo Editor, Fireworks & Flash to create and edit computer graphics. Team work in a small group is also an integral part of the course. The end product required for this course is a group website that demonstrates and integrates individual member's efforts and final work.


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