"When the Negro Was in Vogue" by Langston Hughes

Aim:  What does the title mean? How does L. Hughes imply that "the present vogue in things Negro may do as much harm as good for the budding colored artist"  during Harlem Renaissance?

Motivational Activities:

Browse the two website listed below and take notes while reading. We will share our notes about Langston Hughes.

Do Now: Read the article in the website about Harlem Renaissance. Do you recognize any writer's, artist's or musician's name?  If you do, what do you know about him/her? Do research online to find out more information about the author/musician/artist. You will be the expert of this artist. We'll ask you questions about him/her in class in a discussion panel.


  1. Look up the meaning for the New Vocabulary Words:

  2. What was so popular in 1920 Harlem?

  3. Why did downtown white people come to Harlem in droves? What happened to those clubs? Why?

  4. Name some popular actors and artists mentioned by Hughes.

  5. What is "Shuffle Along"?

  6. Describe "house-rent "parties. What influence did they have on Hughes writing?

Homework #8

Pick three names mentioned in story by Hughes and do online research  about them. Create a "quick facts" sheet about them using bullets no paragraphs please.