yETS142 Syllabus
yStudent Manuel
yWriting Analytically 6th Edition


Core Texts
Unit 1: Disorientation

y#1 “Criticism and Meaning” by Belsy
y# 2 “Representation” by W.J.T Mitchell
y# 3The Jeaning of America” by Fiske
ySemiotics Presentation
#9 Lacan’s “Metaphor and metonymy” from “Unconscious” by Meltzer
y#10McLaughlin, “Figurative Language”

Unit 2: Subjectivity
y#12 “Culture” by Greenblatt
y# 13“Deconstructing the Texts” by Belsey
yFranz Kafka’s “Before the Law”
y#14“Panopticism” by Michel Foucault

ySubjectivity EssayAssignment
ySample essays

y Professional Model
y Multiple Lenses of Interpretation

y Analysis of Marilyn Monroe

SYR Campus Publication

Unit 3:Ideology-Assignment
y “Ideology.” James H. Kavanag
y“Ideology and the Ideology State Apparatus” by Luis Arthusser
y John Friske’s “Interpellation”
y“Ways of Seeing” by John Berger
y Illustrations
y“Recognizing Strangers”  By SARA Ahmed
y“Seeing Making Culture” by Bell Hooks

y Professional Model

yEditing Tips
yStudent Model #1
y Student Model #2

y Michel De Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life excerpts

yJon Culler's Agency
y Viewers Make Meaning

y Sample Agency Assignment #1
y Sample Agency Assignment #2

ySample Agency Assignment #3