Book Project

Choose a book written by one of the Pulitzer Prize winners  or Nobel Prize Winners for literature. Use the book report format to write your book report and it is due on Dec. 5, 2005.

  1. Click the Nobel Prize Winners for Literature
  2. Click the Pulitzer Prize Winners for Literature. Look for a literary work listed under the category Letters, Drama & Music.


Based on the book you have read, do the following to complete your book project ( 8 items)  (If you read the same book as your group members, divide up the assignments)-

| Review| Summary | Quotations | Character Analysis | Theme Analysis | A Letter to the Writer |Creative Response| Illustration |

A Book Project on  Tartuffe by Moliere (The Title and the author of the book )

  1. Book Review:
  2. Provide a break-down summary including-

3.  My favorite quotations from the book-Five quotations (minimum) from the book that other readers must know, with interpretations (please include Act , Scene and Line numbers, i.e. Act I, Scene 2, Lines 23-34)

4. Character analysis on one of the most important ( characters)

5. Theme Analysis

6. A letter to the writer (Letters about Literature)

7. A creative writing inspired by the book( poems, rap, your story, a song, a newspaper column, a talk show, an interview with the character, a dream, a missing scene, an after-life story, put the characters in a different setting and write a modern story or play to describe how they would act and interact)

8.An illustration of the book- a collage (such as character shield, character gallery, story quilt, climatic scene illustration)

9. Literary Connections:

Use the following websites as your resources for the project-