Murry Bergtraum High School

Grace Julian, Principal

  English Department                                                       Gail Reisin, Assistant Principal

  2001-2002 Minimum Requirements and Grading Schedule

1. Notebook:  You are required to maintain a three ring loose-leaf notebook with 8x11 paper which is to be brought to class everyday.  All written work, whether done at home or in class, is to be done in blue or black ink and kept in the notebook.  You must have a dated entry for each day you are present in class.  You are responsible for keeping all written work and handouts in chronological order for the term in your notebook.

  2. Class Work:  All class work is important.  You are responsible for work done in class, whether you are present or not.  If you are absent, you must get notes and assignments from a classmate.  Exchange telephone numbers with a classmate.  Frequent quizzes on homework and on class work of the previous day will be given.

  3. Class Participation:  It is essential for you to participate in the work of the class each day.  You must speak clearly and audibly at all times, so that you can be heard by all your classmates.  Raise your hand when you wish to comment or ask a question. Class spirit and individual initiative help create a enjoyable and productive learning environment. Your contribution makes the difference.

  4. Homework Assignments:  Homework, 40 minutes for English classes, is assigned daily.  The teacher will inform you of the penalties and restrictions on late work. After an absences it is your responsibility to make up the missed assignments and hand them in within three (3) days with the word absent and the date(s) of the absence written in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.  Each student should have two telephone homework buddies.

  5. Headings:  All written work, whether class work or homework is to be headed in the following manner:


            ENGLISH SECTION                                                  DATE

You are not to use any abbreviations in the heading.  Any work which does not have the proper heading will not be accepted.

  6. Margins:  Each paper must have and margin approximately one inch on the left side and one half-inch on the right.  Nothing is to be written in the margins or on the bottom line of a page.  Papers without a margin will not be accepted.

  7. Abbreviations:  You are not to use abbreviations of any kind in your written work. Do not use the and symbol; and  is a word and must be spelled out.

  8. Daily Tool:

  1. You are required to use ink at all times, for class work and homework.  Type written papers will be appreciated and will give you extra practice in typing.
  2. Text books are to be brought to class upon request.
  3. Your English notebook is to be brought to class everyday.

  9. Class Decorum: 

  1. Arrive promptly and quickly take your assigned seat.
  2. Do not write on desks or walls.
  3. Discard nothing on the floor.  Use waste baskets.
  4. Do not eat or drink in class.
  5. At the end of the period, remain in your seat until the class is dismissed.
  6. Courtesy, attention and cooperation are basic rules of the class room.

  10. Classroom Pass:  No student is allowed to leave until attendance has been taken.  If you wish to leave the room, you must sign and enter the time in the passbook and return the pass.  No passes are to be given the first and last ten minutes of each period.

  11. Absence Letters:  After each absence, you must present a letter of excuse for absence.  This letter is to be given to the teacher as soon as you enter the room.

  12. Assessment:  Tests, oral reports, journals, book reports (3 required each term), compositions, homework, research reports, class notes and your portfolio are important tools on which your performance will be evaluated.


Your grades are cumulative and based on all the work you do in class, for class and on your own.  Tests, oral reports, journals, book reports, compositions, homework, research reports, class notes and your portfolio all count towards the final grade in all English classes.  The New English Regents Rubrics will be used to asses written work.  Each teacher will have his or her areas of emphasis (and areas do overlap) but in general your grade will be determined as follows:

20%   class participation

20%   homework

20%   tests and quizzes

20%   projects, performances, book reports, journals etc.

20%   portfolio  (Completion or Portfolio Project required for passing course)

  Missing, incomplete or poorly done work will noticeably affect your grade. Excellent, complete and carefully done work will be rewarded by higher grades.